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I definitely do. And I'm hooked! Here's why:

I started reading stories in my local papers about Sudoku and all the
excitement it was causing in London. Although I'm primarily a word-game
kind of guy, I'm also just a puzzling guy in general (just ask anyone
who knows me) and when I finally saw what a "Sudoku" was I quickly
realized that I'd seen the puzzle before in Dell Crossword magazines in
the 1980s (under the name Number Place). I had tried it a few times but
never got into it because I never knew the basics of how to solve it.

But I do now! It's amazing how different Sudoku is when you know "The
Three Strategies"! There are patterns and clues and nuggets of
information hiding in every corner, and discovering where they are and
how they go together is a fascinating, addictive exercise -- I wish all
exercise were this fun! I showed them to a neighbor of mine named Dennis
Aramanda, who happens to be a computer genius, and he got hooked too --
so much so that he did an exhaustive Internet search on Sudoku with an
eye toward creating them himself and perhaps marketing them online.

Which is why I'm writing this -- Dennis is now creating beautiful Sudoku
puzzles, and with his permission and abundant assistance, I'm offering
them to you. (For information on formats and ordering, click here.)

If you're already a fan you know that solving Sudoku involves a lot of
erasing -- and erasing is something I'm not exactly fond of. So Dennis and
I have created an Eraser-Free format that eliminates erasing entirely
(the grids are slightly larger and there's a lined-off space at the bottom of
each square for writing in "possibles").

Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions. We'll be working on
ways to improve the entire process, so we appreciate your input.

Happy Solving!


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