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       We offer Sudoku in two formats, Eraser-Free / Givens on White
and Eraser-Free / Givens on Gray. Each contains four Sudoku puzzles on
a single 8 1/2 x 11 page and each page can be folded exactly into four parts so
that a full Sudoku puzzle is on each face. Our exclusive Eraser-Free format
features slightly larger squares with a space at the bottom of each
square for writing in possibles without having to erase them. With the
Eraser-Free format you can even solve a Sudoku puzzle in pen.
       Our Sudoku puzzles come in four difficulty levels, Easy, Medium,
Hard, and Very Hard.
       In order to get them to you as fast as possible, we're offering
them as emailed collections rather than bound books. This means
that for a nominal price you get 100 Sudoku puzzles just as fast as your
printer can print them. (The total number of pages is around 30.) They
are in PDF format, so you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read them.
Since they're on separate sheets, you can grab one or a couple -- and
even fold them and put them in your pocket -- as you head off to work or
a coffee shop, rather than take an entire book with you.

       Our online Sudoku puzzles have a similar "eraser-free" feature --
"possibles" can be typed in at the bottom of each square and they appear
as small, light numbers on your screen. You can delete them as you solve
or you can leave them there -- the choice is yours. The real answer can
be typed above them and will appear bigger and bolder on your screen.
       NOTE: To open our free samples below you'll need Adobe Acrobat
Reader. (If you don't have Acrobat Reader, click HERE or click on the Get
Acrobat Reader link below.) To open a puzzle, just click on it. When it
appears, you can either solve it on-screen or print it out.



Eraser-Free / Givens on White


Eraser-Free / Givens on Gray



(Clicking on a puzzle will take you to the Adobe Acrobat version of our Free Sudoku Sample of that type)





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